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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  ABC  August 16, 2016 12:32am-1:03am CDT

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most-expensive overseas investment yet, is now open with new attraction is you won't see at any other disney theme park. here's abc's bob woodruff. >> reporter: 50,000 hours of construction. 100,000 workers from engineers to imagineers. perhaps a sprinkle of pixie dust. this is shanghai disney resort. the newest happiest place on earth opening its gates to the public just two months ago. >> here east meets west. the past meets the future. and anything is possible for those who believe. >> reporter: since then, over 1 million guests and counting. it's the sixth resort for abc's parent company. the project taking five years to complete with a $5.5 billion price tag. >> i'm in the center of this
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castles. it will be the tallest and biggest castle in all of disney. the transformation incredible. this is the most grand of all the castles in the disney parks. almost 1,000 acres of land, 12,000 trees planted. stunning. >> get the show on the road! >> reporter: i got a behind the scenes first look at what disney hopes will be its grandest fairy tale yet. once upon a time, after over a decade stalled in negotiations with disney broke ground in april 2011. >> disney only owns 43% of the park. the rest is kind of controlled by shanghai shandy group, locally government-controlled entity. disney will have to work very closely with its partners on that. it doesn't have outright editorial control. >> reporter: this would become the largest and most expensive international resort for the disney brand, spanning nearly 1,000 acres in shanghai. the location within three hours
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people. in a country with a booming middle class with more and more disposable income. >> if they get even just a fraction of those 300 million people into the park, it has the potential to really boost disney's parks and resorts segment revenue. >> reporter: but as with all fairy tales the stakes are high. >> they spent five years building it. many more in negotiations. that alone makes this a huge, huge expense both human and dollar-wise for that means there's an incredible amount at stake. >> reporter: to find out how much i'm getting a tour from jody mclaughlin, one of disney's imagineers. >> the entire team was encouraged to be daring and take risks. >> reporter: the goal of the park she says, to push the boundaries. >> this is something we've never done in a disney park. to have something this physically active. >> do you like this one? >> i love it, i think it's great. >> reporter: here on the first-ever adventure isle, camp
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blazer. >> this is awesome! >> reporter: literally. you get to blaze your own trail through treacherous terrain. >> i think i got the wrong shoes on. >> so do i. but again, it's not -- there's three different levels so you can be really advanced, you can be intermediate, you can be a beginner. something for everybody. >> reporter: always something to marvel. >> look up at this mountain, that thing's more than 100 feet tall. >> reporter: we head to the pirates of the kririan. >> this is more of a to learn. >> yes, yes. certainly fans of captain jack sparrow and davey jones, you meet them in the attraction. it's a very immersive experience, very strong storytelling presence. literally in the attraction you become part of that story. >> reporter: the attraction, combining the action-packed narrative from the movie -- >> that is the best! >> reporter: with come to life characters and detailed design -- >> that was awesome, thank you. >> reporter: we can't forget the
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endless. >> getting people into parks is a way for them to make far more money off people's love for these films. you can bet every kid will be tugging his parent's hand asking them to buy a pirates of the caribbean toy. the huge potential for merchandising dollars, food dollars, actual theme park dollars. ? heigh ho ? >> reporter: although the stories are classically disney, there is of course the chinese off to work they go. this time in mandarin. ? >> it's about bridging the culture and help our team understand what the chinese guests want and what is the culture. >> reporter: she's the cultural analyst for shanghai disneyland. >> what's the difference between american and chinese in terms what they want to see at disneyland? >> for me, for my understanding, because american has such a
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for us we know mickey and minnie. it's hard for us because we don't know the characters. >> reporter: she shows me the wandering moon teahouse which celebrates the diverse landscapes of china. >> we're entering the forest room. it's really inspired by southeast china where you have a lot of bamboo forest. definitely our team is inspired by that. >> reporter: that pride making this park entirely unique. and that may just be the key to a fairy tale ending. for "nightline," i'm bob woodruff in shanghai, china. next, you won't believe what justin bieber and selena gomez are fighting about now on instagram. why selena is trying to kill them with kindness.
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selena gomez want keep her hands or thoughts to herself, the teen idol publicly feuding with ex-boyfriend justin bieber over his new romance. >> justin! >> if you thought the drama between justin bieber and selena gomez was so 2014, you're so wrong. after posting a series of flirty images with different women, including 17-year-old model sofia ritchie, daughter of lionel richie, beliebers revolted flooding his instagram with angry comments. ? i made those mistakes ? >> the sorry singer sent this message. i'm going to make my instagram private if you guys don't stop the hate. if you guys are really fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that i like. ? kill them with kindness ? >> and while gomez's recent single "kill them with kindness" preaches rising above the 24-year-old singer couldn't keep
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chiming in, if you can't handle the hate, then stop posting pictures of your girlfriend, lol. don't be mad at your fans, they love you. ? what do you mean ? >> the instagram comment was quickly deleted but it was too late. the what do you mean crooner allegedly unleashing his wrath against his ex-girlfriend on social media. it's funny to see people that used me for attention and still try to point the finger this way, sad. all love. gomez reportedly f funny how the ones that cheated multiple times are pointing the finger at the one that were forgiving and supporter, no wonder fans are mad. sad, all love. bieber had the last laugh taking the petty feud in a new direction allegedly reply, i cheated? i forgot about you and zayn. ? ? is it to late to say sorry ? >> it might be. although they say love means
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sorry. thanks for watching abc news. as always we're online at and our "nightline"
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inside kevin hart's extravagant weekend wedding. >> the fun just begun. >> the bride's two dresses, a lavish ceremony. we have all the details. >> glad you made it. >> christie brinkley's firs interview since her split. did she get back together with john mellencamp. >> friendship is the basis for everything. >> and inspirational and emotional exclusive with jennifer hudson. >> julian was a scholar. after the murder of her nephew, brother, and mother. turn the horrible tragedy around. >> all of a sudden we're dreading birthdays a holidays. is moore discussing his former criminal minds co-star after he got fired from theshow. now august 15, 2016. one of the biggest movie stars in the world kevin hart told
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budget for the wedding. no expense of spared. >> it was so extravagant. at the same time it was romantic. we have the details. >> what's your last name? >> hart, honey! h-a-r-t. >> from their wedding bands to her custom grou their wedding looked elegant and perfect. by the end of the this was kevin having fun sprawled out on the lawn. he captioned the post "ho my wedding night ended." the groom was still buzzed at brunch. >> i'm a married man but i'm with my family and still drunk as [ expletive ]! with my wife! >> hey! [ laughter ] >> comedian tied knot with enicko parish.
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gown with hand embroidered lace app cays. she changed into a long sweet sheer lace gown for the reception. the wedding included two big surprises. ? ? ? i gave you you >> alicia keys performed unbenortheast to the bride beforehand. guests learned there was a carnival set up. kevin and his new bride shared the spotlight with his children from a marriage. his 8-year-old son, who is also the best man. >> hanging out with my best >> hi. >> hey! >> my best >> had brunch, worked out. >> he was blissed out saturday morning. and who can blame him. >> i love y'all. love love.
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to the beach with his kids. and it was so sweet an sentimental. my goal in life one day is -- >> you're on your way, kevin. next up. >> honeymoon time! the fun has just begun. the adventure of the harts. there's always laughter with him. there is more tonight. we have pictures so you never seen fr eva longoria's big day. this is my favorite. hoisted in the air by her husband peppa. >> victoria beckham designed her dress and put on her shoes. >> adel said "hello" to a sold out crowd in l.a. she cleared up the rumor she's been asked to perform at the
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self. telling fanning it's not about music and she's not the performer they would be looking for anyway. >> i'm not going dance like beyonc?. >> the nfl and pepsi who sponsor the super bowl halftime show released a joint s saying they didn't officially ask. they responded saying, quote, we have had conversations with several artists. however, we have not, a this point, extended a formal to adel or anyone e ? ? >> but adel was on a roll saturday night flushing another rumor. >> anyway. [ laughter ] >> the mom of one was spotted out with a friend in l.a. on friday, but if she did need any super bowl advice she has bruno mars in the corner. he was at the show last night with his girlfriend.
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performances under his belt. and more rumor busting. don't believe reports that bruno is about to sign on to a $40 million a year gig in las vegas. we checked into it and it's well, bummer. this is true. jennifer lopez's ex marc anthony went to see her show. he posted for a picture backstage with >> i love that. on the other hand, amber heard's nasty divorce took a big step forward this weekend when she faced o against depp's lawyers. kicking off tonight's legal edition. amber gets grilled. >> amber, is johnny depp's lawyers trying to intimidate you? >> her head down arriving at lax amber is met by the in a scheduled deposition a
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amber was mobbed. as knew breaks about the story we reported in may. the allegation is john off a tip of his finger a month of a the two married. "e.t." has a finger injury story line. he wrote "billy bob" on a mirror reportedly the name depp accused amber of cheating with. thomas gibson hired l counsel to represent him after being dismised from the show. he was fired last week where he allegedly kicked a writ after an disagreement. >> a lot of birdies chirping out there. the gossip is real. now a new former crimin minds co-star is speaking out about thomas. >> i believe inkarma. good things happen to good people.
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people who believe in basic goodness. >> shemar moore left the show after 11 seasons posted video. then deleted it. possibly commenting about gibson. >> treat people how you expect them to treat you. >> shemar may have been commenting about keith tisdale. a admitted to stealing money from shemar's another rumor swirling b bieber and selena. that's selena arriing in l.a. on sunday. hours before she justin declared war. it started yesterday on instagram. gomez seemed to insert herself into a post of a new girlfriend. that is lionel richie's 17-year-old daughter sofiya
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weekend and posted picture that enraged bliebers who tras the couple. bieber posted. you are fans you wouldn't be so mean to people that i like. selena supposedly weighed in with "if you can't handle the hate, you should stop posting photos of your girlfriend." justin seemingly hit back. it's funny to see people trying to point the finger this way. selena appeared to respond with an explosive allegation. funny how the one cheate multiple times are pointing the finger at the one that was forgiving and supportive. that prompted bieber allegedly fire off this "i cheated? oh, i forgot you and zayn." >> zayn's rep h no commen
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started trending on twitter. biebs stopped following his ex on instagram. ouch. >> social media, much as it's a blessing and it's fun, it can tear people down. it's hard. >> it can bring peo together like one pablo and his new girlfriend. yes, they met on instagram. the most hated man bachelor history found love. the former beauty queen and tv presenter in venezuela. congratulations! meanwhile mcconaughey is back from rio. he was all over the summer olympics. >> i was there for one week. it feels like i saw enough to be there fmonth. >> the all-american texan and his brazilian born wife kept busy during the first week of the rio olympics. >> my wife and i as much as we could back to the olympics village back again ten times. >> camila did several tv reports. matthew was there as a fan. >> team usa play all day.
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>> we had swimming events brazilians versus americans. i came out and in the americans section but when a brazilian was in the race she went out of that section. now the academy award winner is back on own turf in l.a. for his premier for first animated movie. >> literally the first time i've done >> a far cry from his more serious role club." or "true detective." i kept getting ask films do your kids love the most? they haven't been able to watch any yet. i was looking for something to do with an animated character. i was looking for voice in animated films for awhile. i found it. >> matthew and i can take your kids to see the movie starting this friday. we another star talking about a highly anticipated new role.
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spray" live jitters. >> i don't know what i'm thinking! john legend and chrissy teigen's love storyrevealed. >> this could be why is christie brinkley defending her ex? >> i forly believe that i used to blame the weather for my frizz. turns out my curls needed to be stronger to fight back. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong* they can dry practically frizz free.** because strong is beautiful. get even stronger results with pantene expert, our most
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"suicide squad" taking the bobs
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"sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." off. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon."x "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." b office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." o offix office over the weekend. "sausage party" came in second followed by "pete's dragon." happy birthday. come on. how adorable is that? chrissy teigen celebrated luna's fourth month birthday. john legend is revealing to us how he fell in love with luna's mom. don't ask him about luna growing up. >> i'm not thinking about her first date. we're trying to get her to turn over. >> luna's first day be a long way off, but we're learning how it began for her parents.
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>> i started to fall in lot of with her over the phone. she's got with 140 characters. >> john and chrissy started talking while he was on tour. >> we were texting alot. i started to see her sense of humor. we would talk on the phone. i started to fall in love with how engaging and witty and funny she is. they were spending t together between stops. >> i wasn't nervous. when you feel like a -- it wasn't nerves it was like excitement. >> and maybe john's own love story that inspired him to the tale of the first couple. the grammy winner is executive producer on the upcoming movie about barack obama and michelle obama's courtship. >> dating the first black guy that walks through the front of the door. it would be tacky. >> you think i'm cute? >> john said he's sending the real first couple a copy of the film. >> they might sure they have fact-checking issues with it. i'm sure they have -- we
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but i think it captures the spirit of they are. it shows them as a beautifu light. still ahead j. carrie watkins. why hollywood's most famous ladies were hanging together over the weekend. find out what was inside the best goody bagever. is christie brinkley back with john mellencam what she revealed to "e.t." a jenniferhudson's exclusive. remembering her murdered nephew. how sh turning her family tragedy into a triumph. closed captioning provided
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